N.A.P. [New Afro Powers]

31 03 2008

this spring break i spent a few days in LA spending much needed time with my cousins. I began to notice things that i hadn’t noticed before, mainly how fun just relaxing could be and how i was one of the only family with straight hair.

that got me thinking, “why cant i go back to natural?” or “napptural” as i’ve seen written on various blogs. that word nappy kind of upsets me. people say “eiw your hair is nappy” and its supposed to be something mean. the hair is unkept, the hair is oddly shaped, the hair is ugly.

with that in mind, i just want to make it plain: IM GOING BACK TO NATURAL. but i’m not going “nappy”. besides, if nappy is natural, then that’s fine with me.

another reason i’ve been seriously contemplating going back to my natural hair is because of college: i’m not going to have 60$ a month to just put into my hair. most likely i’ll be scraping for pennies on the side walk. so having a natural style that requires only washing and conditioning makes more since, economically.

and honestly, its time for a change. i mean, i rocked this short hair thing for a while now: i’ve never been one to stay the same for very long. besides, keeping my hair natural makes it grow faster. so, who knows, by the time i graduate from college, i could have hair down to my toes. :]

these are some phenominal afros.

laryn hill afro

woman with afro

afro couple

celebrating afro couple

anyways, i’d appreciate some thoughts on this. oppinions, facts, praise, critizes. let’s hear it.