April, May, Graduate.

21 04 2008

Today something strikingly shocking was brought to my attention. While waiting in line for a sandwhich during my lunch hour my friend Noah looks over at me and says, out of the blue “Everything is happening in the next three weeks.”

I knew what she meant, right then and right there, but some reflex that seeks to keep me a perpetual-high school student answered “What?” and grabbed my sandwhich, changing the subject quickly.

But there’s no getting around it. There are only six weeks left of my entire high school experience. In the next six weeks I will have: Completed and presented my senior project before a panel of my peers, elders, and the public. Attended [or ditched hopefully] senior ditch day. Watched the senior slideshow with teary eyes. Picked up my yearbook and cried while signing the yearbooks of all my friends. Taken and passed an AP English test. Sent out dozens of graduation invitations. Completed a professional photography portfolio. Survived the final finals. Attended senior prom [in two weeks]. Turned seventeen [May 1st] [I know, I’m really young]. And finally GRADUATED.

Its INSANE to think about when I think about it that way: I’ve just been taking everything one day at a time, but when the facts of the matter are laid out before me, its SCARY. I can’t say that I’m not ready, but I can say that a part of me never wants high school to end. Even though i have SO MUCH to look foreward too, I will also have SO MUCH to look back on, and so much more to remember forever.

So, I’d like to hear, what are everyone’s thoughts on graduation?

To high school alumni, what was it all like after graduation? Pie in the sky or cake in the face?

To my fellow class of 2008, what are your fears? What are you excited and anxious about most?

graduation 2008



On Driving. And Freedom

5 04 2008

today i recieved my lisence.  it was liberating and nervewracking.   i found my hands shaking durring the test and my palms sweating.  and then i messed myself when the instructor began to write things down.  i thought “oh no, i’ve failed AGAIN.” this being the second time i’ve taken the test.

but i PASSED with 4 errors.  good enough for me.  and now that i can drive alone, i find my dad holding on to every shred of control he has left.  dont get me wrong: i love my father, and i appreciate that he wants me to be safe.  and it doesn’t bother me that he used to be overprotective and now hes having to let go.  but i just look back at sixteen years [almost seventeen] of life and i think “wow.  time went fast.”

in June, i graduate, and june is really almost here.  in may i turn seventeen.  and may is almost here.  i’m one of the few lucky people in the world who have a car on the day i get my lisence.  and even though that might be spoiled, its REALLY NICE.

i’m thankfull.