On Driving. And Freedom

5 04 2008

today i recieved my lisence.  it was liberating and nervewracking.   i found my hands shaking durring the test and my palms sweating.  and then i messed myself when the instructor began to write things down.  i thought “oh no, i’ve failed AGAIN.” this being the second time i’ve taken the test.

but i PASSED with 4 errors.  good enough for me.  and now that i can drive alone, i find my dad holding on to every shred of control he has left.  dont get me wrong: i love my father, and i appreciate that he wants me to be safe.  and it doesn’t bother me that he used to be overprotective and now hes having to let go.  but i just look back at sixteen years [almost seventeen] of life and i think “wow.  time went fast.”

in June, i graduate, and june is really almost here.  in may i turn seventeen.  and may is almost here.  i’m one of the few lucky people in the world who have a car on the day i get my lisence.  and even though that might be spoiled, its REALLY NICE.

i’m thankfull.